Mapping in Clermont-Ferrand area

In July/August I had the opportunity to work some days with Tiago Aires on Cheire du Puy de Come map, a 12 km2 project that re-made the original map. Tiago started the project in 2019 with 6 km2 and finished it in 2020 and I had the pleasure to help him for almost two weeks where I did 1,2 km2.

It was my first time working with LIDAR data and it was a stunning experience. I was so much impressed with the precision of the base map! However, work there it’s anything but easy, with the progression being the biggest obstacle.

For those who have never been in Clermont-Ferrand area (France) it is an vulcanic area, with a lot of loose rocks on the floor, negative climb and a lot of vegetation.

For the mapper the biggest difficulty is to properly show the runners where they can or not run, both because of the stony ground and the vegetation.

Photos by Tiago Aires.